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Finding a job after a period away from the workplace can be daunting, we've partnered with Renovo to offer you guidance

Finding a new job can be very daunting, particularly if it’s a few years since you last looked for one.  The UK job market has changed beyond recognition, so much now happens online that just making an application is a skill in itself.

If you’re facing this challenge, perhaps following a redundancy or time away from the workplace due to illness, professional support is available through our Helpline.

Services available to you

We’ve partnered with Renovo, a UK provider of job search support to offer guidance and help you find a new role

·       Offers direction, structure and guidance to individuals in their search

·       Confidential programme tailored to your needs and goals

·       Advice on creating a great CV

·       Interview coaching

·       Access to job boards and company background information

Eligibility criteria:

Available to colleagues, their spouses, partners and dependents who have worked in the grocery industry and looking to get back into work due to following redundancy, caring responsibilities or illness

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Contact the confidential 24/7 GroceryAid Helpline for a wide range of help and advice.

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